The Real Republican, Conservative Candidate

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As a McHenry County Judge, I will uphold the Constitution in all decisions I make.

In order to foster this environment, a judge must:

  1. Treat all parties, witnesses and attorneys with patience, civility and respect.
  2. Encourage the education of the public about the workings of the court system through educational efforts.
  3. Follow the law, not one's own personal belief system.
  4. Be fair and impartial.
  5. Always have the courage to make the tough choices.  Justice demands no less.
  6. Act with judicial restraint.  This means limiting the job to reviewing matters of law and making decisions based on what the law is, without adding or subtracting anything from the law.
  7. Understand that your time is just as important as theirs.
  8. Understand that people should not have to wait long periods of time before being able to have their cases heard and resolved before a court of law.


A Judge's Courtroom should be an open and "user-friendly" environment.  By that I mean, a Judge must ensure that members of the bar and the general public feel welcome to litigate any issue before the Court.   I believe that all those who appear before a judge have the right to equal justice and respect under the law.

I am committed to providing a level playing field in an open and accessible court.

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